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Opinion | Helpful hints from a photo agency & photo junkie at National Geographic Creative
gina martin
Jan 19, 2019
The Managing Account Executive Editorial Sales at National Geographic Creative shares helpful hints for photographers. 

Photography makes us feel, understand and learn about the world around us. 
It can take you to the front lines of war or to the deepest depths of the ocean. 
It brings the world to you and gives you the information to form your own opinions, empathy, and passions.

 There are many things to look for in a photographer. Talent being the obvious. 
But also a maturity and understanding of what they are passionate about. 
Knowing their voice and the issue they are covering.

Be Prepared. 
If you scheduled a meeting with an editor, before you arrive at a festival (or large gathering)—email your photo and ask for a photo of them as well. Save it in your camera or mobile.
EDIT, EDIT, EDIT your website. 
Each portfolio should only be 15-20 images. Do not present work on your site just to show that you have been to Cambodia - it must be a strong image. Everyone travels - you will not stand out because of your passport stamps. You will stand out with strong & well-edited work.
Where is Waldo? 
Your website contact page should have your email (copy & paste) - NOT just a form to fill out. Include your phone number, where you are currently located, if you speak any languages and a photo of yourself.
Let editors know where you are. Send them an email with Name, Location, Dates, and how to reach you (with a link to your website). Example: I will be in Mexico City Aug 1-15. You can reach me at: phone number/website. THAT'S IT.  Not why you are there, no latest awards or photos.
Tagging—so annoying.
Do not post your photo(s) and tag a bunch of editors on social media - that is annoying.
Be aware of your social media footprint - don't be too political or controversial.
When you are at photo festivals, portfolio reviews, networking gatherings, etc - be aware of how you present yourself. Editors do not want to hire someone who gets obnoxiously drunk, acts immature, etc. Be aware of how you want people to see (and hire) you.
Don't play hard to contact, please. Don't do it. 
Have your email and website on your social media and Visura Profile - do not make people work to find your contact. 
I am not just talking about shooting. Network. Know what photographers are working on.
Research. Market yourself. Work on personal projects. Basically - do not sit home waiting for the phone to ring.


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