Ulrik Tofte

Photographer & Videographer
faces of disabilities
Location: denmark
Nationality: Danish
Biography:     Ulrik was born in Denmark,1974, studied Photography and film at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden, and Aesthetics and Culture at the University of Aarhus, Denmark. He has been working professionally for 10 years with... read on
Public Story
faces of disabilities
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Updated 09/29/16
The project tries to challenge our perception of the normal 
body. With the strong omnipresent idea of the beautiful and 
healthy body that we encounter in our daily life, it is important 
to offer and different manner of perception. Not only for people 
with disabilities even thought it would probably help their 
understanding of them self but also the rest of us that is forced 
to constantly relate to images of beautiful people wherever we 
look in the media. We see a growth in people that are 
dissatisfied with themself and meeting the other could help 
broaden the understanding of the perfect body. 

Awarded with 2. place Professional: Fine Art, Nudes INTERNATIONAL PHOTOGRAPHY AWARDS  (IPA)

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