Ula Wiznerowicz

Behind The Curtain
Location: Amsterdam
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Â Ula Wiznerowicz (b. 1986) studied a BA Hons Degree in Photography at Middlesex University (2010). Her photographs have been exhibited widely with solo shows in Italy, England and Poland. Working mainly within social documentary photography,... MORE
Public Story
Behind The Curtain
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Updated Dec 2010
Topics Documentary

"Behind the Curtain”

Forgotten and useless things covered in dust; emaciated cats running around searching for leftovers; rooms taken over by spider webs and the strong odour of alcohol. This is just part of the chaos I found photographing over a period of one year in my village, Palmowo and the surrounding area in Poland. The series represents a personal journey through the individual stories of the men and women dealing with alcoholism. I have attempted to create a visual narrative to reflect on my own story of the past. All the characters are not necessarily alcoholics, but everyone has been affected by alcoholism, through family or friendship.


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