Martina Albertazzi

Italian photographer and journalist. I work between Italy and the U.S. I am currently based in Los Angeles. Available for assignments.
California High (in progress)
Location: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: Italian
Biography: I am an independent documentary photographer based in Los Angeles, California. I am passionate about covering social and gender issues and youth culture. For the past four years, I have been working as a freelance photographer, shooting personal... read on
Public Story
California High (in progress)
Copyright martina albertazzi 2021
Date of Work 01/01/19 - Ongoing
Updated 09/30/19
Since California legalized recreational marijuana at the very beginning of 2018, I have started to investigate how the cannabis market is changing.
I met urban farmers and entrepreneurs in San Francisco and in the Bay Area who have bet on this business long time ago. Some of them have started indoor farms in the heart of the city, others are working in the very promising edibles industry.
I have attended some of the many social events, like cannabis tours, art classes, queer marijuana drag parties and underground dinners that are now attracting an all new wave of enthusiasts, fueling a billion-dollar industry.

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