Taehoon Kim

Documentary photographer
Location: Vancouver
Nationality: Canada
Biography: Taehoon Kim (b. 1987) is a photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. Born in South Korea, he immigrated to Canada when he was six. Taehoon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with the full intention of pursuing a law degree, but rekindled... read on
Public Story
Credits: taehoon kim
Date of Work: 08/01/17 - 12/31/17
Updated: 08/30/18
Location: north vancouver
My family used to tell me that when we moved to Canada in 1993, I knew five English words: boy, wash, room, ice, cream (six if you count washroom). 

I started my schooling in Canada in Grade 1, but after a year our family moved to a new neighbourhood and a new school — another unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people in an already unfamiliar country.

I still hold memories of times I had trouble communicating: going to the wrong classroom on my first day because I didn't understand where I was supposed to go, mispronouncing the word "city" as "kitty" in a read-aloud exercise, crying because I was assigned to do a report about sea cucumbers and I didn't know how to express that I didn't like what they looked like.

Despite the initial difficulties, Montroyal was a safe place to learn and grow, thanks to my wonderful teachers. They didn't just teach me the subjects, they taught me how to live in my new home.

Published in Maisonneuve Magazine.

By Taehoon Kim —

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