Taehoon Kim

Documentary photographer
Freedom Cove
Location: Vancouver
Nationality: Canada
Biography: Taehoon Kim (b. 1987) is a photographer based in Vancouver, B.C. Born in South Korea, he immigrated to Canada when he was six. Taehoon graduated from the University of Pennsylvania with the full intention of pursuing a law degree, but rekindled... read on
Public Story
Freedom Cove
Credits: taehoon kim
Date of Work: 09/10/16 - 09/10/16
Updated: 04/21/19
Location: Clayoquot Sound
In 2016, I was assigned by Mashble to photograph Wayne Adams and Catherine King, an artist couple who live on a self-sustaining floating home off the west coast of British Columbia.

Pushed out of the housing market, Wayne and Catherine started building their own floating home in Clayoquot Sound, B.C. They have lived there since 1991, surviving on their own.

“Our life is art,” Catherine said. “[The home] is a big art installation to be walked through.”

They know their way of life — floating on the ocean surrounded by wilderness, gathering and growing their own food for survival — isn’t for everyone. They understand why some people dismiss their way of life. “You have to work hard to do it,” Catherine said. “You have to want to do it. It’s a choice and I embrace that.”

Photographed for Mashable.

By Taehoon Kim —

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