Variety Store, San Francisco
Car Dealership.  San Francisco
Variety Store, San Francisco
Breakfast With Elvis, Berkeley, 1983
Electronics Dept. Emporium Department store. Oakland 1985
Cafe, East Bay.
Architectural Salvage. Berkeley, CA @1984
Office.  Oakland
Laundrymat.  Berkeley.
Leather Shop.  The Castro, San Francisco
Fox Theater. Oakland, CA
Hair Salon. East Bay early 1980s
Music Rentals.  San Francisco
Furniture Warehouse.  Berkeley
Chambers of Commerce, light fixture dealer, San Francisco (I think) @1984
Motel.  Berkeley

Chambers of Commerce

Steve Davis
Photographer based in Olympia, Seattle, Washington State
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Chambers of Commerce
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Date of Work 12/31/69 - 12/31/69
Updated 07/24/21