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Susan Meiselas: Nicaragua
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Susan Meiselas: Nicaragua
sara rosen
Dec 23, 2016

American photographer Susan Meiselas joined Magnum Photos in 1976, after creating Prince Street Girls and Carnival Strippers, two bodies of work that explored the female experience in its multifaceted forms. At Magnum, Meiselas leaped into an entirely new realm after reading about the assassination of Pedro Joaquín Chamorro Cardenal, the editor of Nicaragua’s La Prensa newspaper and a leading opponent of the country’s Somoza regime, which had been in power since 1936.

In 1956, after two decades of rule, Anastasio Somoza Garcia was executed. His first son, Luis, assumed the presidency and his second son, Anastasio (“Tachito”) became Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces. Together they begin a regime marked by brutal repression of the citizenry, while working with the United States, providing a base of operations so that America could meddle in the affairs of Latin American governments.

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Awaiting counterattack by the Guard in Matagalpa, from Nicaragua: June 1978-July 1979 (Aperture 2016) © Susan Meiselas / Magnum Photos


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