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Sean Maung: G-Body
sara rosen
Jul 18, 2016

Photographer Sean Maung walks the streets of his native Los Angeles, camera in hand, eye on the scene, capturing a captivating collection of personalities that populate the city’s streets. Since 2010 he has been putting out a series of zines that are equal parts gritty and lush, with titles including Put That on Something, Fascinations, and Peep Show. Maung reveals, “I have always thought of zines like mixtapes. I have complete control of what I produce and show, and that’s empowering.” Maung has just released G-Body, his tenth zine. He speaks with Crave about his work.

When did you begin taking photos, and what inspired you to become a photographer?

Sean Maung: I started taking photos in 2005. I have always been inspired by people and places. I have spent a lot of time working for community based organizations and that has connected to me many different walks of life. Photography is another way to connect with people from all types of backgrounds.

Are all the photos in G-Body taken in Los Angeles? If so I’d love to get your thoughts on the city. What is your LA?

The majority of the photos are from LA. There are like five photos from other places, but the rest are LA. As for LA, and what the city is to me: I grew up in an area that some identify as mid city and others say is the Westside. The city to me is about the cross pollination of race/ethnicity/sub-cultures/class that has created and inspired how I take photos and make art. So when I shoot in LA, it’s a product of my upbringing and experiences, and a product of being aware of the overall pulse of the city and the cultural dynamics of the city.

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