Rocio De Alba

Documantary/Fine Art Photographer
Location: Queens, New York
Nationality: Hispanic
Biography: Rocio De Alba (rohsee-oh) is a fine art, multimedia, and conceptual photographer based in Queens, New York. She received a BFA from The School of Visual Arts and is an award-winning book designer and handmade book instructor. She was a grant... read on
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New Series For Your Consideraton
rocio de alba
Feb 17, 2020
I’ve been haunted by this series for two years. Tossing and turning and spending countless hours creating images that ultimately did not work -for a variety of reasons. I gave it up in 2018. However, in January 2020, I took a second look at the series and was determined to either a) conclude without a doubt it was not something I should pursue, or b) bring it to fruition! So here we are.

I thought because I am a woman the viewer would find no merit that could justify I related with my subject matter. I also believed my age category disqualified me from identifying with the discriminations facing minority youths today.

Well, slowly I began to connect with the images, and although I’ve still more to add, I wanted to share what I have so far, as I have been invited to exhibit some and think it’s time they see the light of day.

Thanks for stopping by
Rocio De Alba
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By Rocio De Alba —

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She Who Found Grace - Final Exhibition Installation Video

By Rocio De Alba — Rocio De Alba Conceptual Documentary Photographer  , She Who Found Grace  S H E   W H O   F O U N D   G R A C E In this..
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I'm Leading a Weekend Workshop June 2-3

By Rocio De Alba — Hey amigos. Please feel free to review the brief video on this link  (or perhaps my code worked and you can play it directly below). In..
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Photobook making workshop with me!

By Rocio De Alba — Hey Visura family. Won't you join me this summer for a hand made  photobook weekend workshop I’ll lead at the renowned Griffin Museum of..

Miracle Baby - Continues

By Rocio De Alba — To The Flashing Water Say: "I Am" Title for the continuation series of Miracle Baby , named after a poem by Rainer Maria Rilke .
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Yixian International Photography Festival

By Rocio De Alba — My series Honor Thy Mother is headed to China! I was super excited to find out that Guo Jing, executive director and curator of the Yixian..
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Honro Thy Mother - a travelling exhibition

By Rocio De Alba — Hello Visura family, A quick note to let you know that my series " Honor Thy Mother ," was invited to showcase at a gallery in Providence. I..
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Exhibition at South x Southeast photomagazine

By Rocio De Alba — Having hope is a precious gift. And gratitude for a new day is revolutionary. So it was exhilarating to discover Elizabeth Avedon choose my image..
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Honor Thy Mother Tour Exhibition - 2017

By Rocio De Alba — Hello Visura family: I'm ecstatic to official report that " Honor Thy Mother " is going on the road thanks to an invitation..
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Analog v. Digital - Exhibition at Foley Gallery

By Rocio De Alba — I’m super honored and ecstatic to find that one of my images has been selected for inclusion in the Analog v. Digital exhibition at Foley Gallery..
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Solo Exhibition

By Rocio De Alba — The exhibition at the Griffin Museum in the Atelier Gallery was fantastic! There were a ton of people and a potential collector who was deeply..
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Rocio De Alba - First Solo Exhibition

By Rocio De Alba — Butterflies running up and down my stomach getting ready for this show. The experience has been wonderful. Everyone at the Griffin Museum are..

Rocio De Alba - First Solo Exhibition

By Rocio De Alba — I'm happy to invite you all to my exhibition at the Griffin Museum of Photography. I hope to see YOU there! =D

Exhibition at Candela Books + Gallery

By Rocio De Alba — It's been really nice to see my image "Cotton Head" receive attention. It has been accepted into Candela's Unbound6! group exhibition, scheduled to..

Rocio De Alba - First Solo Exhibition

By Rocio De Alba — Amigos, please excuse me for bombarding y'all with so many posts. But as an artist self promotion is part of our mandatory duties isn't it? So I..

Rocio De Alba - Up Coming Exhibitions

By Rocio De Alba — I have an enormous amount of respect for CPAC and Samantha Johnston who runs a tight ship there. I've wanted to be part of their exhibitions for..

NYT Lens Blog Update

By Rocio De Alba — Hey amigos! So as a result of my new series There is a  Crack in Everything" feature on The New York Times - Lens - Photography, something TRULY..
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NY Times Lens Blog features 'There is a Crack In Everything'

By Rocio De Alba — For people who know me, they know I am a proud recovered addict. I have been sober since 2008 and one day at a time, I will continue to do so for..

Girl Anachronism

By Rocio De Alba — Hello Visura family, I have to to admit that every time I THINK I'm done shooting for my Girl Anachronism series, I crack and shoot a new one...

She Who Found Grace

By Rocio De Alba — Hello Visura family, I wanted to welcome all new members. It's really great to be amongst such talented people. I'm posting some news to share a..

"Miracle Baby"

By Rocio De Alba — Miracle Baby promotional mailers coming to a mailbox near YOU. =D
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Final Book Dummy

By Rocio De Alba — Man oh man!! It's been long hours, countless sleepless nights, endless test and trials of various materials, repeated self taught book..

New Site

By Rocio De Alba — Hello my dear Visura familia. It is after long hours of hard work that I am proud to announce the new mailers for "Miracle Baby" will be in the..

Self Pubilsh motivation

By Rocio De Alba — Hello Visura family! I have begun this year with steady dedication to get my book funded and published. The amount of publishers wanting to work..
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Book Dummy Version II Exhibited

By Rocio De Alba — I'm thrilled to state that the second version of my book dummy for the Miracle Baby series is part of a group exhibition taking place at  The..
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