Robert McPherson

Death to the village Lang Tang
Location: Drammen city
Nationality: Norwegian
Biography: Robert McPherson (b.1982) is based in Norway. He freelanced for Norway`s Aftenposten National newspaper from 2011-2016. For Aftenposten newspaper he covered features, sports, news, portraiture and culture. In 2014 he also freelanced for the... read on
Public Story
Death to the village Lang Tang
Credits: robert mcpherson
Date of Work: 04/17/16 - 09/01/16
Updated: 08/15/17
Location: Lang Tang

On the 25th of April 2015 Himalaya shook. Avalanches thundered down the mountain sides. Over the village Lang Tang a glacier loosened. On its way down it crushed a mountainside and formed a tsunami of rocks and ice. Lang Tang disappeared. Under a desert of rocks and ice lay 326 people. One year after myself and journalist Lars Øverli travelled to Lang Tang.

326 people, 283 Nepalese, 43 tourists were crushed and buried. Few have been found. Now, the village is being reconstructed by the few who survived – despite strong warnings. 

Lang Tang village is gone. Erased from the map like Pompei. Everything was crushed and buried in just a few seconds.

Photos: Robert McPherson.Text: Lars A. Øverli. The representation of the feature story here focus on the pictures as there is not enough space to include all the text. A PDF file of the story with all the text and pictures together is availiable on request. The story was published in May 2017 by Aftenposten National newspaper in their weekly magazine, Norway.


By Robert McPherson —

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