Rashod Taylor

Little Black Boy
Location: Springfield, MO
Nationality: American
Biography: Rashod Taylor attended Murray State University and earned a bachelor’s degree in art with a specialization in Fine Art Photography in 2007. Taylor favors traditional and lost format practice of photography silver prints and wet plate... MORE
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Little Black Boy
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Updated May 2022
Location Springfield, MO
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These images tell you more than my family story; they're a window onto the Black American experience. 
My work addresses themes of race, culture, family, and Legacy and these images are a kind of family album, filled with friends and family, birthdays, vacations, and everyday life. At the same time, these images tell you more than my family story; they’re a window onto the Black American experience. As I document my son I am interested in examining his childhood and the world he navigates. At the same time these images show my own unspoken anxiety and fragility as it pertains to the wellbeing of my son and fatherhood. At times I worry if he will be ok as he goes to school or as he plays outside with friends as children do. These feelings are enhanced due to the realities of growing up black in America. He can't live a carefree childhood as he deserves; there is a weight that comes with his blackness, a weight that he is not ready to bear. It's my job to bear this weight as I am accustomed to the sorrows and responsibility it brings, the weight of injustice, prejudices, and racism that has been interwoven in our society and institutional systems for hundreds of years. I help him through this journey of childhood as I hope one day this weight will be lifted.
This series is ongoing.
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Little Black Boy by Rashod Taylor
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