Rahima Gambo

Visual Journalist and Documentary Photographer
Location: Abuja
Nationality: Nigeria
Biography: Rahima Gambo (b.1986 London, UK) is a Nigerian visual artist and photographer who came to artistic practice by working independently on long-form transmedia documentary projects. Currently, she explores a decolonizing, feminizing, rehabilitative... read on
Public Story
Copyright rahima gambo 2021
Date of Work 12/31/69 - Ongoing
Updated 09/10/19
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Lately, I’ve been thinking about filmmaker, Trinh Minh-Ha’s phrase “speaking nearby” as a way to describe the visual approach of the Tatsuniya series. The intent of the seriesis not to directly approach this subject to extract useable information or to affirm a position in a traditional way, but rather to turn curiosities to the things that happen around the making of these images. Tatsuniya is about the intangible things that happen when you bring a group of young women together and hold space for creative expression to come through. It doesn’t find an easy point of departure from the often cited trauma the Boko Haram conflict has inflicted on the young. The series is about creating a space to be present with the present. About plotting an area for playful interaction where something undefined can be stimulated.

- Tatsuniya, 2017 - ongoing
Still images, video, installation, workshop
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