Rahima Gambo

Visual Journalist and Documentary Photographer
Location: Abuja
Nationality: Nigeria
Biography: Rahima Gambo (b.1986 London, UK) is a Nigerian visual artist and photographer who came to artistic practice by working independently on long-form transmedia documentary projects. Currently, she explores a decolonizing, feminizing, rehabilitative... read on
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Date of Work 12/31/69 - Ongoing
Updated 09/10/19
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Tatsuniya I (2017) and Tatsuniya II (2019) a photography and film series takes place at Shehu Sanda Kyarimi school, Maiduguri,  Nigeria extends a collaboration with current students of the school who perform in the  series. We see the students moving from the classroom to dense green forest in a dream like sequence, expanding on the social surrealist language the artist developed in 2017 in Tatsuinya I. Tatsuniya II continues on an intuitive and improvisational vein using children’s games, poetry and exercises from a Physical Education book for secondary school students as a framework for weaving the narrative together. The choreographed moving sequences are seen in the film are developed during storytelling workshops.

- Tatsuniya, 2017 - ongoing
Still images, video, installation, workshop
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