Rebecca Gaal

Location: Ventura, California
Nationality: American
Biography:   Rebecca Gaal is a humanitarian photographer, painter, illustrator, writer and student of International public health studies. She is devoted to examining healthcare issues and environmental concerns. Her work has taken her across the globe... read on
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rebecca gaal
Feb 4, 2016
    Truly excited to have two prints in a brand new gallery created by the incredible Pilar Law. Pilar is not only an amazing photographer and human being but a huge supporter of creatives. It is a real honor.       
    The show is just in time for Valentines day. HEART is about more than hearts, it’s about compassion and mystery, devotion and intimacy, joy and regret; the threadbare kind of love that softens with the years. HEART is an exhibition that celebrates the eye of photographers who aimed their lens at the universal subject of love and gave it their individual interpretation.
    Edition One is a unique concept gallery showcasing contemporary photography in editions of one. Edition One collectors will find exclusive access to new photographic works both from emerging and established photographers in Santa Fe and around the world.

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