Piotr Malecki

Photographer and Filmmaker
Half a Million Shades of Black
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Press photographer, author of photographic reportages, portraitist, documentary filmmaker. Born in 1967 in Koszalin, Poland. He graduated in documentary film at the Wajda School, also studied cinematography at the Faculty of Radio and Television... read on
Public Story
Half a Million Shades of Black
Credits: piotr malecki
Updated: 12/17/13

Everyday over half a million people commute to the City and the Canary Wharf - the old and the new financial districts of London. These places are like ant-hills; overworked and full of rush. The City is money, razzmatazz and party - says one developer from the city, while sipping beer at the Borough pub near the London Bridge. All conversations start and end with the money. Who made a good deal, who got a bonus, who got lost, who had a nose for the investment. The rest is nothing, not worth mentioning.


By Piotr Malecki —


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