Piotr Malecki

Photographer and Filmmaker
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Photojournalist and documentary filmmaker. Piotr finished documentary filmmaking at the Wajda School in Warsaw, studied cinematography at the Faculty of Radio and Television in Katowice and photography at Bournemouth and Poole College of Art in... read on

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Publication: Migrants on Poland-Belarus border

By Piotr Malecki — Story on Polish-Belarussian border migrant crisis in De Volkskrant today. Text by @arnoutleclercq , photos..
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Online premiere of "The Leader" - a short documentary about divided Poland

By Piotr Malecki — The Disgraced Polish Opposition Leader who became a Hairdresser The Leader: we follow Mateusz Kijowski -..


By Piotr Malecki / Poznan, Poland — FACING BREXIT / BLUE BOX | PIOTR MAŁECKI, MARIUSZ FORECKI Exhibition: 12.11.2021 – 04.12.2021 Place:..

Image on front page of „Politiken”

By Piotr Malecki / Array — Front page of Danish daily „Politiken” today. Family of Syrian refugees being helped by the..
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Camera work for ABC News - piece from Polish-Belarussian border

By Piotr Malecki / Bialystok — Ordinary people used by the politicians. ABC News piece I've  just  had a pleasure to work on..
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"The Leader" - short documentary about divided Poland

By Piotr Malecki — My film "The Leader" is ready: A light and lively portrait of today's divided Poland as seen..
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Open-air exhibition "School, Virtually"

By Piotr Malecki — 12/04 to 7/04/2021. Contemporary Art Gallery in Opole, Poland. Prints kindly provided by Canon Poland. On..

Short reportage about Jewish cemetery in Lodz published by De Volkskrant, The Netherlands

By Piotr Malecki — Text by Arnout Le Clercq ONLINE PUBLICATION: DPG Media Privacy Gate
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"School, Virtually" - publication in DF, weekly magazine of Gazeta Wyborcza, Poland

By Piotr Malecki / Array — Full photo story: http://www.piotrmalecki.com/school-virtually The younger generation is going through the..

Poland: Women coming out about their abortion

By Piotr Malecki — The two brave women decided to talk about incredibly intimate subject - the abortion. Despite the current..
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Online talk and premiere of "Personal Portrait vol. 3" (Portret Osobisty vol. 3) documentary

By Piotr Malecki — Below is the link to view recorded event. The talk is in Polish - my apologies to all non-Polish speakers...

Polish milk bars: De Volkskrant publication

By Piotr Malecki — This short feature about the more popular than ever Polish milk bars - the phenomenon in our modern times..
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A bit about Piotr Malecki and the lockdown in #FacesOfPhotography by Fotogloria

By Piotr Malecki / Piaseczno — #FacesOfPhotography – Teil 38: Piotr Malecki aus Warschau Für Piotr Malecki bedeutet die Krise..

Canon Website: Brand Ambassador Piotr Malecki tests Canon EOS M6 Mark II

By Piotr Malecki — Canon Website: Brand Ambassador Piotr Malecki tests Canon EOS M6 Mark II..
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"Automobile America" story publication

By Piotr Malecki — This feature, part of ongoing  project about the cars in the USA , has been published  in..
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Sail In festival selection for "George and George on the Lake"

By Piotr Malecki — GEORGE AND GEORGE ON THE LAKE  documentary is selected by  Sail In festival  in Bilbao,..
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"Disco Polo" exhibition

By Piotr Malecki / Warsaw — At the SÅ‚użewski Dom Kultury in Warsaw, Poland. Curated by Joanna Kinowska Open 21/10/2019 - 11/11/2019..

"Facing Brexit" is aquired by Harvard University

By Piotr Malecki — This series of portraits of Londoners has become part of the photography collection of Widener Library...

"Via Carpathia" story in De Volkskrant

By Piotr Malecki — Via Carpatia: de snelweg van de hoop voor jonge Polen     The fruit of my few days of travels in..

Older Posts - on previous blog

By Piotr Malecki — OLDER POSTS - Blog of Piotr Malecki. photojournalist. filmmaker. Polish photographer filmmaker Piotr..

"Facing Brexit" on CNN website

By Piotr Malecki —   How will Brexit affect me? Londoners speak out   When photographer Piotr Malecki visited London..

"Facing Brexit" portraits published in Fluter, Germany

By Piotr Malecki —     „Der Brexit nimmt mir einen Teil meiner Identität“      ..

Vimeo Staff Pics for "žGeorge and George on the Lake"

By Piotr Malecki —  This 27 minutes long documentary about two old sailors and friends is among the Vimeo’s New..

El Pais: 10 images of "Automobile America"

By Piotr Malecki —   Fotos: Pasiones sobre ruedas  Este viaje fotográfico por Estados Unidos documenta la..
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