Philip Holt

NY Taxi Drivers
Location: New York
Nationality: Anglo-Francais
Biography: Philip Holt is an award-winning commercial photographer based in New York, with an international presence. Born in Lisbon, Portugal to a French mother and British father, he was raised in Milan and educated in London, Paris... read on
Public Story
NY Taxi Drivers
Credits: philip holt
Updated: 11/27/19
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The amount of 'back of the head' conversations I have had with Taxi Cad Drivers over the years is uncountable! I decided that I wanted to put a face to the people who are such an important asset to the infrastructure of New York City.
I went to aTaxi Garage in Queens, set up my lights and background and at the 4 o'clock on the change of shift I photographed the Drivers.

By Philip Holt —

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