Paul Patrick Borhaug

Photographer + Writer
The Walls Have Eyes
Location: Oslo, Norway
Nationality: Norwegian
Biography: Paul Patrick Borhaug  is a photographer and writer from Norway, who primarily works on environmental, political and cultural issues. His images has been published by National Geographic, The New York Times, United Nations , Huffington Post,... read on
Public Story
The Walls Have Eyes
Credits: paul patrick borhaug
Date of Work: 05/04/10 - 09/10/10
Updated: 03/26/19
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The Walls Have Eyes

This project seeks to question the increasing use of surveillance technology (CCTV) in contemporary European city spaces. It is part of a larger body of work entitled "Deconstruction of the City Spaces", in which I aim to "dissect" certain features of the modern city, focusing especially on the increasing tendencies of surveillance and advertising, as well as human interaction. "Deconstruction" was originally a literary term coined by Jaques Derrida, which, in short, could be used to reveal inner contradictions in texts. I have here attempted to adapt this literary technique to the visual language, in order to facilitate critical reflection by the viewer as to what we want our city spaces to be like.


By Paul Patrick Borhaug —

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