Paul Patrick Borhaug

Photographer + Writer
The Matsés
Location: Oslo, Norway
Nationality: Norwegian
Biography: Paul Patrick Borhaug  is a photographer and writer from Norway, who primarily works on environmental, political and cultural issues. His images has been published by National Geographic, The New York Times, United Nations , Huffington Post,... read on
Public Story
The Matsés
Credits: paul patrick borhaug
Updated: 09/18/15
Location: Javari, Peru
The Matsés are an indigenous people whose territories are divided by the Brazil-Peru border in the remote Amazon. The tribe is currently experiencing a threat from multinational oil companies which are planning to drill for oil in the Matsés legally-titled 490,000 hectare indigenous territory. The tribe vehemently opposes the planned oil exploration and are prepared to fight companies with bows, arrows and spears to keep them out.


By Paul Patrick Borhaug —

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