Peter Nohrnberg

Photographer, Poet, Critic
The Museum's Frame
Location: Cambridge, MA
Nationality: USA
Biography: Peter Nohrnberg is a scholar of literary modernism, poet, and photographer.  He has been taking photographs since he was an adolescent, and is currently a member of the Boston Photographic Resource Center.  His photographs have been... read on
Public Story
The Museum's Frame
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Updated 07/11/16

What is the relationship between a work of art, its place within a museum, and the viewers (including guards) who share that  space for a period of time?   Taken within a variety of museums –  the Boston Museum of Fine Arts, the Yale Art Gallery, the National Gallery of Art, the Croker Gallery, the Musee des Beaux-arts de Rouen, the Scottish National Galleries among them – these photos explore the  notion that what ultimately gives coherence to any work of art is the frame.  A number of the photographs pre-occupy themselves with the frames – including doorways and windows – that are present within the space of a museum and organize its aesthetic meaning.  In the portfolio  I explore the implicit "dialogue" established between framed visual images and unframed works of sculpture, as well as that between photographically "frozen" humans and statuary.  


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