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The Conventions
Location: Chicago
Nationality: American
Biography: NIMATARADJI photography +1-312-925-3500 +1-866-701-3686 I am an Iranian-American editorial and documentary photographer based in Chicago, Illinois.  Cultural, social and political themes attract my curiosity. My aim is... read on
Public Story
The Conventions
Credits: nima taradji photography
Date of Work: 07/01/16 - 07/31/16
Updated: 09/18/19
Location: philadelphia

What I find funny about The Conventions is not really funny, but it is funny. In fact, it would be really funny if it all was not so real and the outcome would not be affecting so many people. Folks get together and decide who will harm them the least and chose him or her as their leader for the next four years... possibly eight. Other folks, leading a self satisfying, self absorbed life compete against other self satisfying, self absorbed folks to be the leader who will, presumably, do the least harm.

That is about it in a nutshell.


By Nima Taradji Photography —

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