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At the Eddie Adams Workshop
Location: Chicago
Nationality: American
Biography: NIMATARADJI photography +1-312-925-3500 +1-866-701-3686 I am an Iranian-American editorial and documentary photographer based in Chicago, Illinois.  Cultural, social and political themes attract my curiosity. My aim is... read on
Public Story
At the Eddie Adams Workshop
Credits: nima taradji photography
Date of Work: 10/06/17 - 10/09/17
Updated: 10/24/17
Location: Calicoon, new york
Family Ingredients

Family is a recipe.
It is a place where we teach our children how to cook.

Family is where we come together.

This series was part of the Eddie Adams Workshop 2017 (XXX) project assigned to Team Red under the theme of "All In The Family." It was shot during a two day period at the Halloran Farm in Callicoon Center, New York. The photographs were selected, edited and sequenced by:

Mary Calvert        Leader
Jim Collins        Editor
Josh Ritchie        Producer
Mike Kepka        IT

Team Red:
Vanessa Vettorello
Kirsten Leah Bitzer
Alina Fedorenko
Mridula Amin
Louise Johns
Jingyu Wan
Taro Karibe
Chris Donovan
Graham Dickie
Nima Taradji

You may view the video showing each member's photographs on Vimeo.
Additionally, I like to express a profound thanks to Glenn and Anne Halloran and their wonderful family for so generously allowing me into their home

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