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Revisiting Delia: A Transgender Female
Location: Chicago
Nationality: American
Biography: NIMATARADJI photography +1-312-925-3500 +1-866-701-3686 I am an Iranian-American editorial and documentary photographer based in Chicago, Illinois.  Cultural, social and political themes attract my curiosity. My aim is... read on
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Revisiting Delia: A Transgender Female
nima taradji photography
Oct 8, 2019
Location: Chicago, Illinois

Four years ago, the Supreme Court of the United States legalized same sex marriage across the United States. While that was certainly a great step forward in the fight against discrimination, it was not enough to prevent it in the day to day professional lives where a person who is gay may still be fired for being gay. Today, the SCOTUS will hear several cases stemming from the question about whether an employer can legally fire an employee because of their sexual orientation. A question that a reasonable person may think it is easily answered in the negative-but yet, the faith of millions of folks will now be in the hands of a very conservative Supreme Court.

Reading about the news today, I was reminded of the project I worked on in 2014 about a transgender female here in Chicago: Delia.

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     Nima Taradji Editorial and Documentary Photography, Delia - A Transgender Female
           Note: Essay contains explicit content. Delia Marie K. (Dee), born David Murray K., experienced several marriages and several divorces, a major depression...

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