Nicola Dracoulis

Social documentary and Portrait Photographer
Living in the Middle of the Noise - Hackney
Location: Melbourne, Australia
Nationality: Australian/British
Biography: Nicola Dracoulis is a portrait and social documentary photographer based in Melbourne, Australia. A graduate of the London College of Communication’s MA Photojournalism, she has produced work in the UK, Brazil and Australia. Dracoulis captures... MORE
Public Story
Living in the Middle of the Noise - Hackney
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Updated May 2016
Location Hackney, London
Topics Community, Documentary, Photojournalism, Portraiture, Youth

Living in the Middle of Hackney presents the lives of 5 young people in one of London's most marginalized suburbs. I lived in Hackney for 8 years, during this time I was commissioned to photograph a group of teenagers involved in out of school activities that had been set up for young people "˜at risk of exclusion'. This risk existed for a combination of issues, most young people were from poor families, the area was under serviced for young people, and with nothing better to do, many young people, mostly boys, were getting drawn into gang culture. Violence perpetrated by gang culture was affecting all their families' lives. People like me, white and middle class, could live without having much idea of what was going on except for the sensational Hackney Gazette headlines reporting the latest in local violence.

In the UK Peace index 2003 "“ 2012, Hackney was rated 3rd least peaceful suburb in London. It also stated that 70% of Hackney households experience deprivation in education, health, employment, housing, and health.

I spent a summer in 2008 with 7 teenagers, in 2015 I returned to see where they are at now in their 20's and with Hackney in the midst of rapid gentrification. I was able to catch up with 5 of them.

My work attempts confront negative stereotypes surrounding underprivileged youth. The seemingly fixed co-ordinates of race, class and gender are all subject to pressure. Eschewing sensationalism for detail, I want to make visible the everyday heroics of normal people and recover true stories of real lives. By juxtaposing images of past and present, the project encourages audiences to question assumptions about how the future unfolds for ourselves and others. As some goals move forward, others are re-evaluated.

This project is very personal to me as I lived in Hackney for 8 years, it is my second home, I really care about what is happening within that community and especially in light of the massive changes due to gentrification, redevelopment and changes in social services that have occurred in the last 7 years. The summer in 2008 that I spent with the people in these projects, was a special and pivotal period for all of us. 

This project is being exhibited at the Head On Photo Festival in Sydney, Australia, 29th April - 21st May 2016

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