Nicola Longobardi

Five Demands
Location: Hong Kong
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Nicola Longobardi is an independent photographer, who is based in Hong Kong. At age 25, he was a student of the well-known Beijing Culture and Languages University in Beijing and during that period he decided to dedicate his life to photography.... read on
Public Story
Five Demands
Since June 9th 2019 Hong Kong has been shaken by a long serie of protest. The spark that triggered the revolt against the government was the bill for extradition to china. During the weeks of protest, the inhabitants of the former British colony began making 5 demands to the government:
  • Full withdrawal of the extradition bill from the legislative process
  • Retraction of the characterisation of the 12 June 2019 protests as "riots"
  • Release and exoneration of arrested protesters
  • Establishment of an independent commission of inquiry into police behaviour
  • Universal suffrage for Legislative Council and Chief Executive elections. 

However, the Hong Kong government has always responded to citizenship demands by deploying the police and dramatizing the situation in the city more and more.


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