Nicola Longobardi

Be Water - Portrait of a Revolution
Location: Hong Kong
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Nicola Longobardi is an independent photographer, who is based in Hong Kong. At age 25, he was a student of the well-known Beijing Culture and Languages University in Beijing and during that period he decided to dedicate his life to photography.... read on
Public Story
Be Water - Portrait of a Revolution
Copyright nicola longobardi 2021
Date of Work 08/11/19 - Ongoing
Updated 02/07/20
Location HongKong
Unrevealing the truth behind Chinese propaganda. After the start of the protests against the extradition bill in Hong Kong in June 2019, the Chinese media played the movement down and described the protesters as “a bunch of pampered university students”. However, after months of following and portraying the protestors, I realised that many of them were actual no students, but came from all social economic levels, genders and ages. It were also confirmed by the Hong Kong police statistics which reported that only around 40% of all arrests were students.

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