Nicola Longobardi

Location: Hong Kong
Nationality: Italian
Biography: Nicola Longobardi is an independent photographer, who is based in Hong Kong. At age 25, he was a student of the well-known Beijing Culture and Languages University in Beijing and during that period he decided to dedicate his life to photography.... read on

Also by Nicola Longobardi —


National Security Law Hong Kong Protest

By Nicola Longobardi / Hong Kong — 370 people have been arrested during the protest on 1st of July 2020, 23rd anniversary of the handover of..

Anti-national Anthem Law March

By Nicola Longobardi / Hong Kong — On 24th May 2020 after months without protests because of Covid 19, people in Hong Kong have occupied the..


By Nicola Longobardi / Hong Kong — Millions of masks are thrown away every day without giving too much importance to where they end up.
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