Nadja Wohlleben

Independent Photojournalist, Documentary Photographer & Cultural Anthropologist
taz photo column 'Kunststuecke' (3)
Location: Berlin, Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: I am an independent German photojournalist, documentary photographer and cultural anthropologist based in Berlin. A careful play of documentation and artistry, my work focuses on concepts of femininity, power and identity. I am specifically... read on
taz photo column 'Kunststuecke' (3)
nadja wohlleben
Oct 17, 2018
Location: Berlin, Germany
The latest part of my photo column 'Kunststuecke' (3) for taz newspaper: Light Designer Max Dickhaus, 27, and Art Director Alan Paul Peters, 32, create colorful light installations from profane common objects like neon tubes. Their latest installation is exhibited at Anomalie Art Gallery in Berlin until late November 2018.


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