Mary Vignoles

Photo Editor
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Location: Salem, Oregon
Biography: I am an award-winning professional picture editor who has helped photographers tell their stories and elevate their work, whether it was still images or video. Every photo project, every portfolio, and every collection of photos must have a... read on
Photo Editor Mind - You know you know
mary vignoles
Feb 27, 2019
Part of my job as a photo editor is to help and guide you to make your images better and tell you the truth if there is a problem. Lately is seems I’ve been telling a lot of truth. It’s actually really hard to do, and something I take quite seriously. The funny thing is, whenever I tell someone that maybe their project isn’t ready, or it’s not enough for a contest entry, the usual response is “I know.” Not one person recently argued with me. I guess you wanted me to tell you what you already knew deep down inside, I get that. That’s what I’m here for.

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