Mary Vignoles

Photo Editor
Location: Salem, Oregon
Biography: I am an award-winning professional picture editor who has helped photographers tell their stories and elevate their work, whether it was still images or video. Every photo project, every portfolio, and every collection of photos must have a... read on
My Photo Editor Mind - Thank you postcard
mary vignoles
Mar 13, 2019

Emails are great ways to say thank you, but considering some people get hundreds of emails a day, a postcard or thank you note is a keepsake. Maybe I’m old-fashioned and just like receiving notes or postcards in the mail, saving them and putting them on my bulletin board or on my desk.  But it’s something to think about when you meet an editor, client, or colleague; a postcard with your images, phone number, and email address might be something to think about when marketing yourself.


By Mary Vignoles —

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