Mary Vignoles

Photo Editor
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Location: Salem, Oregon
Biography: I am an award-winning professional picture editor who has helped photographers tell their stories and elevate their work, whether it was still images or video. Every photo project, every portfolio, and every collection of photos must have a... read on
My Photo Editor Mind - Caleb Kenna
mary vignoles
Apr 17, 2019
When I first saw Caleb’s work, his landscapes and aerials are what drew me in, they were almost lyrical in how he captured the space. Caleb felt it was time to update his website and asked me to help him out. I really think this is a great idea for any photographer, not just because you want to show new work, but organizing your website give you a sense of who you are, the work you want to do, and where you are going. Caleb Kenna is a freelance photographer and certified drone pilot based in Brandon, Vermont and has created a great visual website, it really showcases his strengths. This is the lede image on the page, and you can see why, it’s also one of my favorites.

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