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Nationality: American
Biography:   Maggie Soladay is photography editor at the Open Society Foundations in New York, working on human rights issues around the world. She curates weekly take-overs on the @opensocietyfoundations Instagram account and is always looking for... read on
Willa, the first transgender girl to navigate Malta's new gender identity law
maggie soladay
Apr 1, 2016
On the Open Society Foundation's Instagram feed this week, photographer Joanna Demarco's documents the inspiring story of WIlla, the first transgender child to navigate Malta's new gender identity law.

“Well, when I was at a walking, talking age, I started feeling like this, like I was a girl. I used to dress up in my mum's clothes secretly. I wanted to start ballet because it was a way in which I could wear pink clothes. I knew that I was a girl but no one could see it because of how I looked on the outside,”- Willa.

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By Maggie Soladay —

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