Maggie Soladay

Photo Editor
Open Society Foundations
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Location: New York, NY 10019
Nationality: American
Biography:   Maggie Soladay is photography editor at the Open Society Foundations in New York, working on human rights issues around the world. She curates weekly take-overs on the @opensocietyfoundations Instagram account and is always looking for... read on
Interview and Slideshow with photographer Amanda Rivkin about Refugees in Europe
maggie soladay
Oct 16, 2015
After a Long Haul, Refugees Settle Into New Lives Far from Home

"The fact is, being a refugee is a lot like being in a war. You spend so much time stuck in “hurry up and wait.” There’s the ceaseless boredom, the detachment, the being treated like a pariah because you happened to be from a war-torn country. For children especially, you can sense a lot of fear." -Amanda Rivkin


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