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Location: New York, NY 10019
Nationality: American
Biography:   Maggie Soladay is photography editor at the Open Society Foundations in New York, working on human rights issues around the world. She curates weekly take-overs on the @opensocietyfoundations Instagram account and is always looking for... read on
Erika P. Rodriguez Explores the Impact the Puerto Rican Debt Crisis is Having on Everyday People
maggie soladay
Jun 28, 2016
This is a critical week for everyone in Puerto RIco, America's oldest colony, as the government and the people brace for another missed debt payment on the country's crippling $72billion debt.

Visura Guild member Erika P. Rodriguez continues her ongoing work exploring life in Puerto Rico by taking over the Open Society Foundations' Instagram account this week. She is sharing stories of the people whose lives, livlihoods, and health are at risk. Schools have been closing while hospitals declare bankruptcy. People see loosing their retirement and pensions completely.

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