Meike Hanne Seele

visual storyteller & writer
«Funky partners»
Location: Lucerne, Switzerland
Nationality: German / Swiss
Biography:     Meike Hanne Seele is an independent photographer professional. Meike grew up at the coastal part of Germany and now lives and works in Lucerne/Switzerland. She started as self-taught photographer and gained most of her experience... read on
Public Story
«Funky partners»
Credits: meike hanne seele
Updated: 01/10/14

Funky partners, on going, 2014

There was a time when my camera had much more work to do than I had. So we spent plenty of time together. Wherever we went we stumbled across interesting situations, colorful settings, surprising interactions. We started to visually collect impressions. Every once in a while we looked at our loot. Astonishingly our booties grew mature and started to match.

I have a strong interest in picturing my local environment through concentrating on the silent sides of life and picturing the overseen. This work also shows my lifelong approach to map and structure my chaotic surroundings by the means of photography. I furthermore deeply enjoy my photos to interact with one another and create a poem-like melody in the viewer's mind.


By Meike Hanne Seele —

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