Lucian Perkins

The Mother of all Rallies, The Juggalos Rally and Fiesta DC Parade—all within walking distance of each other
Location: Washington, DC
Nationality: USA
Biography:   Two-time Pulitzer Prize-winner  Lucian Perkins  is an independent photographer and filmmaker based in Washington, D.C. Lucian’s focus on documenting human-interest stories encompasses daily life and social issues... read on
Public Story
The Mother of all Rallies, The Juggalos Rally and Fiesta DC Parade—all within walking distance of each other
Credits: lucian perkins
Date of Work: 09/16/17 - 09/16/17
Updated: 09/18/17

A cosmic alignment centered in Washington, DC on Saturday, September 16th. On a small corner of the National Mall a loud speaker system blasted out to several hundred Trump supporters the familiar chants of “Build that Wall, Build that Wall” and “Lock Her Up,” from a rally billed as the “Mother of All Rallies.” During the quiet moments of that rally, one could faintly hear the singing of hundreds of performers dancing down Constitution Avenue as thousands lined the streets to watch the 2017 Fiesta DC parade. And then westward of these two events at the foot of the Lincoln Memorial were over a thousand Juggalos (fans of the rap group Insane Clown Posse) many with faces painted and colorfully dressed protesting the FBI’s designation of these music fans as gang members—really? 



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