Anna Liminowicz

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Location: Warsaw, Poland
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Anna Liminowicz  - graduate Press Photography at the University of Warsaw and Polish School of Reportage. Freelancer. Social issues are the main focus of her photographic interest. Winner of the Krzysztof Miller Prize for the courage to look... read on
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DISPATCH - for NYTimes
Credits: anna liminowicz
Date of Work: 06/24/19 - 06/26/19
Updated: 01/12/20
Location: Poland
Krakow, Poland, during what is billed as Europe's largest Jewish cultural festival. Many tourists who come to Poland see a story of Jewish death. In Krakow, not far from Auschwitz, leaders are trying to tell a different story, and spur a resurgence in Jewish life.
On assignment  for The New York Times.

1.Klezmer Music and Memory at a Festival Celebrating Jewish Life in Poland
2.Celebrating Jewish life,with a millennium to draw from


By Anna Liminowicz —

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