Anna Liminowicz

Common Space
Location: Warsaw, Poland
Nationality: Polish
Biography: Anna Liminowicz  - graduate Press Photography at the University of Warsaw and Polish School of Reportage. Freelancer. Social issues are the main focus of her photographic interest. Winner of the Krzysztof Miller Prize for the courage to look... read on
Public Story
Common Space
Credits: anna liminowicz
Date of Work: 10/29/13 - Ongoing
Updated: 05/17/19
Location: europe
  Common Space ( Wspólna podłoga )

-  is a project about people in Europe who have the money, education, or skills that could provide them to rent or buy a flat to live alone but decide not to. They decided for some reason to give away some of their privacy and they live together with other strangers.

2013 - in progress    

Common Space:
2017  – „ In community everyone must be nice” photo reportage was published in Duży Format
2016 - Common Space was partly shooted with help of  VII Photo Agency ( VII Masterclass in Berlin 2016 / 2017 )
2015 – Common space – VII Festival of Photography in Ostrołęka ( individual);
2015 - more in Gazeta Wyborcza
2015 – text and photo reportage „ The common space – in other words- uncommon life” was published in Duży Format Magazine

By Anna Liminowicz —

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