Lena Mucha

In Between - Indigenous transgender women in Colombia
Location: Colombia/Germany
Nationality: German
Biography: Lena Mucha (b. 1983, Germany), is a freelance photographer based in Berlin. After graduating with a Master of Social Anthropology and Political Sciences from the University of Cologne in 2011, Lena started photography whilst working in Colombia... read on
Private Story
In Between - Indigenous transgender women in Colombia
Credits: lena mucha
Date of Work: 02/11/18 - 06/16/18
Updated: 06/19/18

In the mountains of Colombia’s coffee region, colourful dressed transgender indigenous work on the lush green farms.

Back home in their communities they are not accepted due to their transgender identity. They are punished or forced to leave their villages. The Emberá, the ethnical group they belong to, are convinced that it is a contagious disease that the white men has passed them.

Nevertheless, on these coffee farms they are recognized. They work hard and every evening after returning from the fields, they wear their typical dresses, jewelery and transform into women. „I won´t go back to my community. Here I can finally be who I am and live my identity“, says Angelica one of the girls or primos“ (cousins), which they are called in the village.