Lauren Schneiderman

The Rest is Drag
Location: Philadelphia
Biography: Goucher College: Women's Studies and International Relations: BA 2008 University of Cape Town: Study Abroad Salt Institute for Documentary Studies: Documentary Photography: Fall 2009 Currently resides in New York City.
Public Story
The Rest is Drag
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Updated Mar 2010
Topics Bunny Wonderland, Documentary, Drag, Gender, Goldie Peacock, Maine, Performance

Photographs and text by Lauren Schneiderman

For 22-year-old Knathan Higgins, also known as Bunny Wonderland and 24-year-old Caribeth Klemundt, Goldie Peacock, drag is a way of life. Not only a hobby or a job, they consider drag a form of social activism, a way to make a statement and a means to break away from normative gender roles. Both Bunny and Goldie believe themselves, and their drag identities, are one in the same. Goldie says, “as the great Ru Paul said, and probably a lot of other great drag queens said before him ‘We’re all born naked, the rest is drag’.” 

Courtesy of The Salt Institute for Documentary Studies