Aitor Lara

Location: Seville
Nationality: Spain
Biography: The photographer addresses issues related to identity, suggesting ways to interpret contemporary realities.  His professional career began in 1999 when she was awarded the Juana de Aizpuru Photography Prize, showing her work at international... read on
Public Story
Credits: aitor lara
Updated: 04/09/16
Location: Seville, Ronda

During the spring and summer festivals, Seville and Ronda hosts some of the most important contests in the bullfighting world – drawing in people from all social backgrounds. Upon entering the bullring, the bullfighter is transformed into the popular hero, admired by the crowds for defeating the bull and evading death by virtue of his skill and bravery.

Bullfighting continues to express its voice in a modern Spanish society, full of contrasts. Discussing this tradition reveals two attitudes: While some view it as generating culture and meaning, for others it raises questions about ethics, the human condition and the use of a model which justifies a bull being killed for public entertainment.


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