Ricardo Garcia Vilanova

Covid 19 : A tragic glance ( work in progress )
Location: Spain
Nationality: Spanish
Biography: Freelance photographer for over 19 years, Ricardo García-Vilanova specializes in conflict zones and humanitarian crises. He has reported on the Arab Spring and ISIS conflicts. His photographs have been published in Life, Newsweek, Time, The... read on
Public Story
Covid 19 : A tragic glance ( work in progress )
A photograph never reflects the horror of a tragedy, but without them we would not have the proof to document it for our historical memory.
This work is the reflection of a look, of an instant of the greatest catastrophe that has devastated the world globally, and specifically our country since the Civil War.
A tour of the two main focuses of the pandemic in our territory: Madrid and Barcelona, in their hospitals, nursing homes (the group most punished), funeral homes and cemeteries.
With official figures to date of 28,617 deaths in Spain and 773.279 people dead around the world, it sometimes leaves far behind the daily death figures that can occur in any conflict with conventional weapons, while various health sources constantly remind us that this is only the beginning of the road.

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