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Location: New York
Nationality: Irish
Biography: I am represented world wide by Redux Pictures. Kevin Downs (Caoimhghín Ó Dubháin) is a New York based photojournalist and documentary photographer. He studied Fine Arts at Pratt Institute, Photography at City College and the... read on
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HEALTH "˜No One Is Listening to Us' More people than ever are hospitalized with COVID-19. Health-care workers can't go on like this.
kevin c. downs
Nov 15, 2020

‘No One Is Listening to Us’
More people than ever are hospitalized with COVID-19. Health-care workers can’t go on like this.


“The most precious resource the U.S. health-care system has in the struggle against COVID-19 isn’t some miracle drug,” Ed Yong writes. “It’s the expertise of its health-care workers—and they are exhausted.”⁠⠀
The first two coronavirus surges were concentrated in specific parts of the country, so beleaguered hospitals could call for help from states that weren’t besieged. “People were coming to us in our hour of need,” one source told Yong, “but now the entire nation is on fire.” No one has reinforcements to send.⁠⠀
For many health-care workers, the toll of the pandemic goes beyond physical exhaustion. As this new surge overwhelms them, their ability to save patients' lives could falter.⁠⠀


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