Katie Orlinsky

Visual Storyteller & Contributing Photographer
Jerusalem Journal
Location: North America
Nationality: American
Biography: Katie Orlinsky was born and raised in New York City and began her career as a photographer thirteen years ago. She has photographed all over the world documenting everything from conflict and social issues to wildlife and sports. For the past... read on
Public Story
Jerusalem Journal
Credits: katie orlinsky
Updated: 12/19/14
Location: Jerusalem
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In April 2010 I spent a week wandering around Jerusalem, from the Palestinian neighborhoods of east Jerusalem to the ultra-Orthodox enclave of Mea Sharim. The tension in Jerusalem is palpable everywhere you go; rules, social norms and identity politics often dictate who you speak to and what you see. Jerusalem Journal is a view of the city that both addresses these constraints and actively ignores them. It is a letter to Jerusalem from a newcomer and outsider, open to exploring a place and it’s people.


By Katie Orlinsky —

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