Katerina Slesar

Retirement Home
Location: Russia, Moscow
Nationality: Russian
Biography: Katerina Slesar is a freelance documentary photographer living in Moscow, Russia. In 2011 Katerina completed two-year postgraduate program in photojournalism at the Lomonosov Moscow State University. Additionally, she attended semester-long... read on

By Katerina Slesar —


Doves In The City

By Katerina Slesar — Dovecotes were always part of Moscow’s urban landscape, so trivial that people stopped noticing them. For many Muscovites street pigeons are..

Dagestani tightrope walkers

By Katerina Slesar — I have read about Dagestani tightrope walkers a year ago and became interested in exploring this fascinating artisan tradition which dates back..

Rural libraries in Russia

By Katerina Slesar —   Located in typical rural houses scattered across Russian villages and small towns, local libraries remain central to the survival of social..
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