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Coney Island House
Visura Exclusive
Credit: Kenneth Nelson via Visura
Asset ID: VA8537
Caption: Available
Copyright: © Kenneth Nelson, 2023
Location: Coney Island
Topics: Arts Arts & Entertainment Celebrations Community Coney Island House Culture Dance Music Documentary Event Fine Art House Music Joy Multimedia Music Music Makes You Dance People Loving Music Photography Relationships Riegelmann Boardwalk Street Sub Culture

Kenneth Nelson

@ Kenneth Nelson Photography/Pratt Institute Based in Brooklyn, NY

Kenneth is a Fine Art Photographer exploring the intersections of the human condition, and public personas. With professional photographic background in camera sales, digital asset management, and Agency Staff Photographer. A keen...
Also by Kenneth Nelson —
In June 2004, I came upon a DJ production group called The Black Underground. They were playing House Music on the Coney Island Boardwalk for a large crowd of dancers. Coincidentally, on that same day was the Annual Mermaid Parade. It was my first experience with both events. I’ve been coming back ever since to be nourished by the vibes that emanate from these House Music events.  Over the years, a community has developed. Brought together by a love of music.

#HouseMusic #DanceMusic #DJMixes #ClubMusic #Brooklyn #NYCParks #Summer #CityLife #Laughter #Fun #PositiveVibes #UnitedStates
A House Head's affection to the genre of House Music is like any other person's affection to their favorite music genre. All opportunities to engage with the community are taken. In the high heat of Summer, to the cool nights of early Autumn, the need to dance never dissipates.
Photo: July 28 2018
DJ Preston Brown (died 2022)
Photo: September 10, 2016
Three regular attendees of the parties on the boardwalk that passed away in 2022.

Left: Daniel, Photo: August 22, 2015
Middle: Mickey, Photo: September 11, 2016
Right: Rady, Photo: July 28, 2019
Dancers dancing The Hustle, photographed backlit/silhouette at one of the parties.
September 25, 2021
Partners dancing the classic Hustle dance.

Photo: July 14, 2018
Photo: Top Left, July 30, 2017
Photo: Bottom Left, September 9, 2007
Photo: Right, August 4, 2007
A regular at these boardwalk parties, Beverly (Left) dances with a friend/dance partner.
August 25, 2018
Photo: Top Left, September 4, 2017
Photo: Bottom Left, September 9, 2017
Photo: Right, July 8, 2017
Left: Pouring Baby Powder on the wooden slats for smoother mobility to dance.
August 25, 2018

Right: June 30, 2018
Photo: July 20, 2019
Photo: August 28, 2015
Left: June 17, 2018

Right: July 19, 2018
Waist-level panoramic perspective of dancers on the dance floor at the Riegelmann Boardwalk.
July 7, 2007
Performer using a prop horse, gaining attention from spectators on the dance floor.
July 7, 2007
Dancers dancing Freestyle at one of the parties on the boardwalk.  Freestyle is non choreographed dancing with each dancer responding to the other's movements
September 25, 2021
David's T Shirt reads: I heart House Music.  The dirtier the House, the better the music.

Photo:  August 19, 2018
A setting Sun illuminates dancers on the boardwalk.  Depending on the Permit from the Parks Department, House Music has been played until 11:00 pm.

Photo: September 24, 2016