Kenneth Nelson

Location: Brooklyn, NY
Nationality: American
Biography: Kenneth is a Fine Art Photographer exploring the intersections of the human condition, and public personas. With professional photographic background in camera sales, digital asset management, and Agency Staff Photographer. A keen observer... MORE
Public Display of Affection
kenneth nelson
Dec 20, 2019
The overarching goal is to visually explore the human kiss when enacted as a public display of affection. For humans, kissing is a major function. In public, it takes on an added aura of being visible to others. As such, I’m seeking to explore whether the intimacy of the kiss ever gets lost or its effects diluted.

This project is to literally delve deep into the touch of the kiss.  When observed through a microscope, small—sized objects are magnified for easier viewing and comprehension. I propose that magnifying the touch of the kiss can deliver incites into the essence of the kiss, and of the sensations of the touch that accompanies it.  While capturing these public displays of affection,  I’m also working to blur the forms that result from the kiss into abstract forms that continue to deliver the essence of the PDA.

Note: Photographing in New York City ONLY!

This is a completely voluntary endeavor for all participant couples. All photographs of participating couples engaging in this exploration of a PDA, will be taken outdoors in daytime (in public spaces) using natural/available light in the City of New York.

A further goal of this project is to be reproduced as a public exhibit in a gallery/museum setting.  Your participation to be photographed for the project, will be noted as your acceptance and affirmation of that possibility. Consider that couples will not be easily identifiable due to the resulting abstract forms that may result in the final image.  Example

For participating couple's time & participation, a digital copy (or copies) of the selected photograph(s) can be shared with either or both persons who participated (for individual personal use for web or social media).

The place and time where couples will be photographed engaging in their PDA is pretty much up to them (as long as it takes place in NYC).

I will work with the couples to schedule time to take the photographs (preferably on Saturdays or Sundays).
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