Katie Elmore

co-Founder and President
Wise Entertainment
Location: Los Angeles, California
Nationality: American
Biography: Katie Elmore Mota is an Emmy-nominated producer, writer, and director who was recently named one of the National Diversity Council’s Top 50 Women in Entertainment in 2016. She is the founder and co-president of Wise Entertainment and served... MORE
Diversity Is About More Than Checking Boxes
katie elmore
Aug 28, 2018
As one of the Executive Producers who developed ‘East Los High,’ and the founder of Wise Entertainment, a company dedicated to telling stories for and by women and people who are underrepresented in the mainstream, diversity has always been a natural part of what I do, because it is simply the only life I know.
 Diversity Is About More Than Checking Boxes
It's time for the rest of Hollywood to step up 
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Katie Elmore

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Katie Elmore
Diversity Is About More Than Checking Boxes by Katie Elmore
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