James Wellford

Photo Editor
National Geographic
Location: New York / DC
Nationality: American
Biography: James Wellford is currently a Senior Photo Editor for Global Issues at National Geographic in Washington, DC. In the course of his career he has been the Editorial Director at Visura and a contributing photo editor at Foreign Policy,... read on
james wellford
Mar 13, 2016

Magnum Foundation #PhotoEx Immersive Media Lab

Follow this link to learn more about the lab and apply: https://photographyexpanded.submittable.com/submit/54252

How can media makers use immersion as a tool to build empathy, engage communities, and forward social change? How does immersing your viewer in content change the nature of the story you are telling? How can we evaluate which stories are best suited for an immersive experience? And how does this mode of experiencing a story change how photographers approach planning, creating, and distributing stories?

The Photography, Expanded Immersive Media Lab will provide documentary photographers hands-on experience with a full range of immersive storytelling tactics and technologies accompanied by an in-depth discussion of the ethical concerns and narrative possibilities of immersive storytelling. The lab will be comprised of a panel discussion and a two-day workshop presenting exemplary case studies and challenging participants to develop their own immersive story projects. Mixing theory with practice, participants will walk away from this two-day lab with a concrete grasp of how they might integrate immersive storytelling into their practice and what that means for their subjects, audience, and impact.


By James Wellford —


Diana Bagnoli on CNN

By James Wellford — Animal Love

Kike Arnal on CNN

By James Wellford — They are the "voladores," and this is their dance.

Solmaz Daryani in the current issue of Foreign Policy Magazine

By James Wellford — Iran’s Lake Urmia once boasted flocks of flamingos and swarms of tourists eager to swim in salty waters..

Andrea Santolaya's ongoing work on Russian communities in Alaska in Smithsonian Journeys Magazine

By James Wellford

On Refugees

By James Wellford — Really strong. Really thoughtful. Thank you Charlotte Schmitz.            ..

Jean Robert Dantou

By James Wellford — For anyone in NYC tonight. http://albertine.com/events/the-walls-dont-speak/

the power of image in space

By James Wellford — Check out this installation of Syrian images in a Gothic cathedral in Bayuex, France by the always..

Well done Matt Hamon

By James Wellford — Glad to meet you on Visura and moved by the power of your images and ideas. Thanks...

Paolo Verzone

By James Wellford — Http://www.agencevu.com/workshops/

Film recommendation

By James Wellford — Go see this film if you are in NYC this week
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Story Submissions

By James Wellford — Visura family. Dont be shy. Send stories to consider for CNN and other venues. I am hungry to look...
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CNN Pitch&Look Open Call

By James Wellford — Delighted to Introduce a unique merit-based open call for an exclusive opportunity to publish your..
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