Joanna Milter

Director of Photography
The New Yorker
Location: New York City
Biography: Joanna Milter has been the director of photography at  The New Yorker  since 2015. She was previously part of the award-winning photography department at  The New York Times Magazine  where she worked for eleven years. 
A Young Japanese Photographer’s View of Harlem in the Nineties
joanna milter
Oct 4, 2017
For months, Katsu Naito spent his days off walking up and down Lenox Avenue, with either his Nikon F3, or his Leica CL, or, later, his Pentax 67 slung over his shoulder, but he didn’t take any photos. When he bought a small tripod for the Pentax, he carried that in plain sight, too, continuing his rounds without once clicking the shutter. Gradually, he began noticing the same faces in the same spots. Eventually, they began to recognize him. Now the neighborhood kids asked what he was up to. Oh, you’re from here, they said. When Naito worked up the courage to ask if he could take his neighbors’ pictures, no one turned him down. - Rebecca Bengal

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